Privacy Policy

This policy aims to be brief, clear and easy to read.  Its goal is to give an overview – not exhaustive details – of Gameshow’s collection, storage and use of personal information.  Please contact Gameshow with any questions by emailing matthew [at]


Gameshow stores personal information about its audiences in order to promote the company’s work and other events that might be of interest.


Audience members who share their email address with Gameshow are contacted once a month via the company’s Newsbits email newsletter.


In order to receive Newsbits, the only personal information that must be shared with Gameshow is an email address; all other personal information (names, age, gender, race, opinions etc) is optional.  


Joining the Newsbits mailing list is confirmed by an email from Gameshow (newsbits [at] before the next Newsbits its sent.


Gameshow collects personal information through signup sheets (paper), feedback forms (paper), email requests (online) and the company’s website (online).


Gameshow stores personal information in a secure environment.  Personal information online is secured by MailChimp and/or WordPress.  Personal information on paper is secured by lock and key.


Gameshow uses anonymised audience opinions to promote its work.  Audience members’ names are only ever quoted in exceptional circumstances and only after express permission is given.


Audiences can unsubscribe from Newsbits at any time by either a) following the link marked ‘unsubscribe from this list’ at the end of each newsletter, or b) emailing matthew [at]


Audiences can update their personal information used for Newsbits (email address and names) by either a) following the link marked ‘update subscription preferences’ at the end of each newsletter, or b) emailing matthew [at]  

Audiences can update, remove or discuss any personal information stored by Gameshow by emailing matthew [at]


Policy updated May 2018