What I’m Worth

Various venues since 2017


A durational performance about money, people and value.


Matt and Matthew represent the price of sustaining a single human life for a year, using 100,000 tiddlywinks. Piles of plastic counters are used to create scale models of the money spent. Big numbers made vibrant and visible, revealing stark comparisons and uncomfortable truths.


We are inspired in part by Of All The People In All The World by Stan’s Cafe. We are also inspired by Ali Smith.  In How To Be Both she writes:

Is worth the same as money? Are they the same thing? Is money who we are?


Photography by Kala Heatherson.  Previously performed at SPRINT festival (Camden People’s Theatre in London, March 2017), Emergency (Word of Warning in Manchester, September 2017) and UnShut Festival (The Local Theatre in Sheffield, May 2019).