HS2 Project

CPT and mac birmingham, 2012-2016


In 2012, Gameshow was commissioned by Camden People’s Theatre to research reactions to HS2, the controversial plans for a high speed railway starting at Euston station.  Matthew worked with people who lived and worked near Euston station to create sequences of words and gestures for performance.


Hello teeth spice rubbish trees silence bus grey light


In 2014, Gameshow began developing the project with communities at the other end of the line in collaboration with mac birmingham.


In 2016, Matthew was a panellist for the talk ‘HS2: Embrace the pace or restrain the train?’ as part of Camden People’s Theatre’s festival Whose London Is It Anyway?


Audience reactions:

-“It was very moving. I thought that was fantastic to bring that out – the continuity of the people and the place.”

-“His choreographed movements recalling other people’s emotions and reactions really made it very much more present to me… It’s something that really happens to people who live and react.”